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Business Cost Control Solutions

Virgin Media

Virgin Media Business are offering our Customers a broad spectrum of services including Broadband, TV (with the option of monthly Sky Sports), Telephone and a monthly Sim Only mobile plan.


McCarthy Insurance Group will cover both your Business and Personal Insurance needs, giving you the option of grouping all your insurance policies with the one broker. 

Cost Control

Expert Cost Control will provide our Customers with an in-depth analysis of your Food & Beverage expenditure, highlighting where you can save.

Charge It

Charge It have brought a solution to the market with their Award Winning Mobile Device Charging & UV Sterlisation Units. The 8 bay units charge up to 3 devices at once and can also be used as a safe!


Cash in Transit

BRINK'S Ireland are offering an exclusive rate to LPOI customers for cash collection and change services which will save you significant fees. An ideal solution if your local bank branch is closing.


Sean O' Mahony, Founder of Kerry Start-up, Licensed Premises of Ireland and Publican at Faha Court Bar & Restaurant, Co. Kerry.

Licensed Premises of Ireland was founded by Kerry Publican, Sean O’ Mahony.

Sean is owner and operator of Faha Court Bar & Restaurant, Faha, Killarney, Co. Kerry. As with all publicans across the country, Sean’s trade and income was severely impacted by the Covid crisis. However, in an effort to minimise the further losses the business was suffering, Sean set about reviewing all his outgoings in relation to the bar, focusing firstly on utilities. “The bitter pill to swallow during this crisis, is that I was still paying for services even though my business was closed. I was shocked at some of the costs I was paying to be honest. However, when you are busy running a bar on a daily basis, there is little time left to focus on reviewing costs. Unfortunately, I think I became somewhat complacent over the years and stayed with the same providers and suppliers out of pure convenience” said Sean.

And so, the idea for Licensed Premises of Ireland was born. The business will offer licensed premises throughout the country the opportunity to join Licensed Premises of Ireland as a customer and avail of the services and savings on offer.

“Business owners will instantly see the benefits of becoming a customer and, of that, I am confident. In addition, all services will be reviewed annually, so customers can rest assured that they are always availing of the best rates available. Our initial service will focus on the 3 main utilities faced by Licensed Premises holders, but our intention is to expand the service to cover all major outgoings. Our aim is to significantly reduce the overall running costs annually of each customers’ business” said Sean.

Expenditure Analysis and Cost Control Solutions for less than €1 per day. 


Licensed Premises of Ireland have negotiated a market leading rate for our Customers using bulk tank and bottle gas. Stop paying over the odds and avail of our exclusive deal. Join LPOI today to improve your bottom line.


We can literally save you money with the “flick of a switch”. Our Customers combined buying power puts money back in your pocket. We will analyse your bills and do all the work, while you avail of great savings. It couldn’t be simpler to switch.


We offer up to date terminals with a more economic pricing structure to ensure you pay less. All processed transactions are settled and visible in your account the next working day, regardless of who you bank with.

Point Cash
by Brink's

Point Cash by Brink's are offering our Customers two separate ATM options to suit your business. Up to 15% of cash dispensed from an ATM is spent on site and it can also increase your footfall.

Cash in Transit


Gonna Order offers a contactless ordering system dedicated to your business. Customers scan a QR code to order and pay without leaving their table. Exclusive rate & 0% Commission for LPOI Customers. TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL available.

Licensed Premises of Ireland offer Business Cost Control Solutions and Utility Management services for less than €1 per day.


Expenditure Analysis and Cost Control Solutions for less than €1 per day.

Research indicates the common reasons that consumers do not switch service providers is twofold. Firstly, most consumers believe that the process itself is not worth the time and effort and secondly, there is a misconception that the price between suppliers does not vary much, or enough to warrant switching.

A Consumer Switching Behaviour Report carried out by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission established that only 2 in 5 consumers had switched at least one service or provider in the previous 12 months. And interestingly, this figure now seems to be declining further.

Licensed Premises of Ireland has been established solely for the purpose of cost saving. Business owners across the country will be more than aware of the difficulties of running a business on a day to day basis. There never seems to be enough time to do everything and, therefore, we let the little things slip because they are already set up by direct debit or because switching suppliers seems like an ordeal.

Our service essentially takes the pain out of dealing with all the time consuming things we all avoid, like changing service providers or suppliers. And of course, there is strength in numbers, so the more Customers we have, the more we will be in a position to negotiate costs going forward.

Any business owner who is a License holder can become a customer of Licensed Premises of Ireland. Once you become a Customer we will provide you with the cost saving options available to you. In addition, we will be working in the background constantly to widen the range of services on offer for which we can offer our Customers further savings. In addition, once you become a customer, we will take care of your annual renewals ensuring that your business will always have an up to date market rate, hence putting your business in the best possible financial position.

The project has been a “work in progress” for the past 12 months and we are confident that our Customers will be very happy with what we have achieved to date.

What our Customers Say

We know the Licensed Trade. But don't just take our word for it, our Customers have seen the results.

"I must admit that I was completely shocked at saving 40% on my gas supply rates through Licensed Premises of Ireland. The combined savings across the board have been phenomenal and I now feel very confident that my business is trading more cost effectively. I would not hesitate to recommend Licensed Premises of Ireland if you want to do a "health check" on you business expenditure."



"We found Licensed Premises of Ireland extremely helpful to our establishment. They helped us bring down our expenditure on Utilities, Food & Beverage and Merchant Services - where a significant saving was identified. We are happy to recommend LPOI to Licensed Premises who wish to have their daily running costs reduced in order to trade more efficiently."



Social Spin

Sean’s most recent initiative was Social Spin launched in conjunction with Diageo and the VFI.

The initial pilot scheme operates from Sean’s bar in Faha, Co. Kerry where 30 volunteer drivers came forward to support the scheme. The scheme also operates from Causeway, Co. Kerry. The information gathered from the 12 month pilot programme will be used to work with government with a view to rolling the scheme out across the country.

“Social Spin” is, as the name would suggest, a service that offers locals a way to get to their local pub and get home safely afterwards. Customers simply call and book their “Spin”. A driver collects the customer(s) from their home and returns them home afterwards. The service was greeted with overwhelming positivity locally, not just because of the opportunity to get out to the local for a few drinks, but it has brought back a social life for some people who effectively were no longer going out.

“Having Diageo work with us has been phenomenal. They understand the need for Social Spin and have really got in behind us in terms of supporting the service and helping us to promote it. Similarly the VFI have done fantastic work with Social Spin in terms of support and promotion of the service. Our high point to date was certainly the day that Faha Court Bar & Restaurant became the backdrop for a Hollywood Star. The bar was taken over by a film crew and Chris O’ Dowd (of the IT Crowd fame) was flown in from the United States to film a promotional video for Guinness. Chris shocked locals by being our Social Spin volunteer driver for the evening. It’s hard to get my head around the fact that Diageo went to those lengths to support us, but they did and they certainly did it in style” says Sean.

Social Spin has featured on television, radio and publications throughout the country. And now it is becoming a worldwide story with Diageo’s promotional video being shown around the globe. 


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