About Us

Licensed Premises of Ireland was founded by Kerry Publican, Sean O’ Mahony.

Sean is owner and operator of Faha Court Bar & Restaurant, Faha, Killarney, Co. Kerry. As with all publicans across the country, Sean’s trade and income was severely impacted by the Covid crisis. However, in an effort to minimise the further losses the business was suffering, Sean set about reviewing all his outgoings in relation to the bar, focusing firstly on utilities. “The bitter pill to swallow during this crisis, is that I was still paying for services even though my business was closed. I was shocked at some of the costs I was paying to be honest. However, when you are busy running a bar on a daily basis, there is little time left to focus on reviewing costs. Unfortunately, I think I became somewhat complacent over the years and stayed with the same providers and suppliers out of pure convenience” said Sean.

And so, the idea for Licensed Premises of Ireland was born. The business will offer licensed premises throughout the country the opportunity to join Licensed Premises of Ireland as a customer and avail of the services and savings on offer.

“Business owners will instantly see the benefits of becoming a customer and, of that, I am confident. In addition, all services will be reviewed annually, so customers can rest assured that they are always availing of the best rates available. Our initial service will focus on the 3 main utilities faced by Licensed Premises holders, but our intention is to expand the service to cover all major outgoings. Our aim is to significantly reduce the overall running costs annually of each customers’ business” said Sean.